Sign on Bonus Stipulations

1. Mothers Helping Hands Homecare will offer a sign-on bonus to the Employee. M3H agrees to pay Employee $500 per month up to $3000. This bonus payment starts after the Employee completes the first 30 days of employment and meets all requirements.
2. The Employee understands that the sign-on bonus is subject to all taxes. M3H will apply all required federal and state tax deductions and report all payments made under this Agreement as federal and state law requirements. Taxes shall be withheld from the sign-on bonus and reported to the Internal Revenue Service as income on the Employee’s Form W-2.
3. To receive the sign-on bonus, the Employee agrees to the following:
a) The Employee agrees to the minimum of 24 hours per week
b) The Employee agrees to accept any available shifts at any location to reach the Agreement of 24 hours per week
c) Employee agrees that the bonus will be paid in increment of $500 per month until the total of $3,000 has been reached

4. Conditions that would disqualify Employee from receiving the bonus as follow
a) Failure to work a minimum of 24 hours per week
b) Failure to report to work on time
c) The Employee does a “No Call, No Show.”
d) The Employee has disciplinary action against them
e) The Employee fails to follow all policy and procedures set forth by M3H and listed in Hand Book.
5. Acceptable Exceptions
a) If Employee has death in their immediate family (spouse, child(ren), parents)
b) Illness that is supported by a physician letter
c) Transportation breaks down with proof provided
d) Childcare issues, only applies if the the daycare or school has an unscheduled closure with documented proof from the daycare or school.
Should Employee fail to complete 24 hours a week due to one of the above exceptions, the bonus process will reset 30 days after the Employee has returned to work (there will only be three exceptions allowed within 12 months of the Employee hire date). Should employees fail to complete the minimum of 24 hrs per week for any other reason, they forfeit all future bonus payouts.


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