Many older adults with Alzheimer’s disease exhibit a behavior commonly referred to as wandering. It causes the senior to walk around the house. It can also make them leave the house, resulting in them becoming lost. Some seniors who wander have even died from exposure to the elements or injuries. Understanding what causes wandering may allow you to lessen the behavior and know when it will most likely occur.

Seniors may start wandering because they are looking for something that cognitive impairment prevents them from finding. For example, they may need to use the bathroom but cannot remember where it is. They might also be looking for a person but cannot ask caregivers where the person is. Older adults might be trying to follow a routine from when they were younger. For example, they may be trying to go to work, pick their children up from school, or go grocery shopping. Not getting enough exercise can result in the older adult feeling restless. They may be wandering around simply to burn off some excess energy.

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