Everything about babies is sensitive. This is why moms or caregivers who provide assisted living support should give them 24/7 attention. Correct handling and feeding practices are crucial. Knowing the most important parts of an infant’s body is also important because these parts require the most care. Hereunder are the following:

  • brain and spine
    Since an infant’s brain is still developing, avoid shaking the child too hard because it might cause movement of the brain inside the skull or can lead to brain trauma. Don’t force the baby to sit upright during feeding time because their spine can barely support them as it is not properly aligned yet.
  • liver
    Babies are prone to jaundice or the discoloration of eyes, skin, and urine because of excessive bilirubin that the liver isn’t mature enough to counter. Jaundice disappears on its own, and morning sunlight also plays a part. However, if symptoms persist, medical attention is needed.
  • Stomach
    When fed, babies swallow a lot of air and thus, are also prone to painful reflux. To avoid these: slow feeding and burping are highly suggested.
  • bottom
    Do not let wet diapers stay in contact with the baby’s bottom for longer periods because they can cause rashes, irritation, and infections.
  • skin
    Baby skin produces little melanin and moisture, which is why too much sun exposure should be avoided. Furthermore, using mild detergents to wash clothes and gentle, fragrance-free soaps for baths are recommended.

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