Surgical operations are likely to inflict stress on the body, including mental health consequences. As such, many doctors recommend proper postoperative care in a health facility or at home. Our in-home care services in Snellville, Georgia, Mothers Helping Hands Home Care provide a compassionate helping hand to properly care for post-surgical patients, allowing them to recover quickly and regain their quality of life.

Our postoperative personal care in Georgia encompasses a wide range of customized services designed for our client’s needs. This care program will:

  • Oversee Daily Living activities in most cases; doctors discourage patients from performing strenuous activities after surgery. With our care team, you’ll never have to worry about your home chores and other responsibilities.
  • Administer Doctor-Prescribed MedicationsYour meds will help you recover faster and prevent potential health complications. But many will have some difficulties managing their medications efficiently. That is why we’re here to help!
  • Provide Personal CareFrom meal preparation and wound care to mobility support, you’ve got a reliable team to tend to your postoperative care needs at home.

Postoperative care and assisted living support programs are personalized to meet your unique needs and ensure optimal comfort throughout the care process. Remember that whenever you need a dependable carer at home, we are just one call away!